Retail display installation

Retail display installation, as well as the installation of experiential events, pop ups and sets, is central to our offer. After we build your project, we can install it onsite in the UK, or pack it up and deliver it to Europe or further afield. We can also send teams overseas to ensure all aspects of the original design are completed to the highest specification.

Our install teams are highly experienced and super friendly, and there will always be one senior member of our team onsite to liaise with you and your client to ensure a smooth install. We can complete any snags or overcome any issues that arise quickly, quietly and efficiently to ensure the trademark Shape quality on each and every job.

Ideally, we would like our team to always complete the project on site as they will know the design and production processes inside out, so will always be able to overcome any issues that may arise during the installation. They will be fully prepared in every way to tweak the final product onsite to meet your expectations.

VaporMax launch/ XYZ/ Hotel Creative/ Soho
Converse/ XYZ
Converse/ XYZ
Converse/ XYZ
DSM/Comme de Garçons
Nike/ Hotel Creative/ DSM Rui Faria/ Trackside Studios
Christmas Star/ London