Hotel Creative
Duke Street London

To create a fresh space for Ami's new collection

We worked alongside Hotel Creative and Ami to give a fresh look to the basement space in their London store on Duke Street. We created new table tops for merchandise to be displayed on, and made plinths which we tiled with various different colour tiles. We created a fake wall which we tiled with pink tiles to cover an existing wall. This will enable Ami to remove this wall in the future to return it to the original colour when the season changes. We hung new curtains for the changing rooms and made a beautiful Ami logo to sit framed within a seating alcove.

Tiles, sheet materials, fabric

Rog 1054 Rt
Rog 0977 Rt V2
Rog 0981 Rt
Rog 1000 Rt
Rog 1024 Rt2
Rog 1041 Rt
Rog 1052 Rt
Rog 1062 Rt2