Shape Design & Build also has a CNC cutting service. We have over 10 years of experience in CNC cutting, using our two in house machines . From our large workshop in London’s W3, our machinery and expertise can create virtually any shape based on any design.

Our team of trained programmers will take your design from paper to machine. We have a dedicated team working on both the simplest and the most complex of cutting. Our clients receive a fast, precise, cost effective service. Once cut, your completed project will be prepared for delivery or collection. Additionally we offer a finishing and installation service if your project requires this.

By working with a diverse range of materials and through preparing a wide range of shapes and designs over the years, we have gathered a wealth of experience that we apply to each job to make sure your requirements are met. Furthermore, our flexibility allows us to work with and adjust our cutting services to meet your individual needs.

Nike Rift Table/ Hotel Creative
Nike/ Hotel Creative/ Liberty window
Nike/ Hotel Creative/ Liberty window
Estrella/ Genix
Estrella/ Genix
Bear desk/ Media Arts Lab
Polypropylene Test 2
Polypropylene Test
Surf quote/ Shape
White Lines
Fr Mdf
Valchromat 01
Valchromat 02